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Brittney Freer

Digital Media Specialist, Content Creator, Creative Director, AR/VR & AI Artist



Albuquerque, NM

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Diego, CA

A Bit About Me

I am a Digital Media Specialist & Entrepreneur experienced in a range of fields, from Project Planning, Analytical Thinking, Time Management, Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Verbal Communication. Skilled experience with Adobe Programs, Blipp AR, Overly, Blender, Unity, Maya, Wix, Squarespace, Meta Business Suite, Planoly, Canva, Youtube, TikTok, Logic, Serato, RekordBox.


Spending my life immersed in the arts- everything from singing, dancing, acting, painting, sculpting and more has been such a gift, and inspiration to my digital media career- allowing me to bring my creative talents & experience into the digital world has been an adventure! Previously working with teams of Producers, Actors, Musicians, Software Engineers, Farmers, Doctors, and CEO's and more--all in service of helping them showcase their offerings through digital media. I take a bit of a spiritual approach to digital media & digital marketing--whether it's directing or video editing, building websites or brand kits, creating campaigns or connecting through music, my goal is the same: to tell the story in authentic & creative way, that connect with the common threads that lie within us all, showcasing the offering in a way that captures its truth & essence, with direction, timeliness & teamwork. I work well in teams , as well as freelance/ solo projects, having previously contracted with shows aired on PBS, Albuquerque Film Office, Netflix, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and more. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to capturing all that a company has to offer through different forms of media, and continuing to explore new trends in accordance with insights & analytics, the crucial components of content creation, editing & storytelling, in combination with a direct understanding of back end website functions & how that translates to the user experience-- both in real life & digitally. I am confident that my expertise in art & digital media will offer energy & expansion to each project.




Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign, Bands of Enchantment

Contracted & developed an augmented reality marketing campaign for 'Bands of Enchantment', a National Music TV show created by Elkhorn entertainment, in conjunction with the Albuquerque film office, aired on PBS, Created series of artwork, augmented reality makers printed on t-shirts, snapchat filter & other merchandise which showcases music videos & other information about the show as an experience to the user. 

Director, Commercial Gilz Clean Helmet

Directed & edited promotional commercial for Gilz motorcycle helmet company

Director, Commercial Toasti Heated Mouse Pad

Directed & edited promotional commercial for Toasti heated mousepad

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign, ABQBioPark

Contracted & developed an augmented reality marketing campaign for the ABQbiopark Zoo designed an an educational interactive experience for both children & adults

Animated Video, Sapien Wellness  Mind Aid App, Google PlayStore & Apple App Store

Created 2 animated video advertisements for The Mind Aid App by Sapien wellness. Showcases & advertises functions of the app for both children & adults.

Social Media, Marketing Campaigns

Contracted & developed social media campaigns for several local businesses including WESST, Albuquerque Academy, JohnnyBoards, Urbanmama505 kombucha, TheRemedyDaySpa, PurelandKava & other private clients

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign, CNM campuses

Contracted & developed an augmented reality experience for Central New Mexico Community College offering CNM students information about different buildings & their functions on each campus

Founding Owner, Operator BeyondBlessed App Google PlayStore, Apple App store

Founding Owner of BeyondBlessed, developed Website, App, service offerings- including Yoga & wellness workshops, self care products & affiliate program

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