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In a world consumed by technology, choose to embrace your human


Our world is changing rapidly; from the incredible ways that we see AI , robotics & technology solving so many of our human issues, there is one thing that we we have one thing they do not; the ability to experience emotions, or and develop spiritual connection to the divine. 

Embracing our Humanness, and integrating innovative techniques into each experience,  we welcome you to join us at Merkaba Studios, where you can experience the transformation that comes with intention-based, mind-body practices for your physical, mental, & spiritual well-being. Merkaba is a reminder to pursue balance, personal improvement, and passion throughout life by dedicating moments of practice, prayer & prescence- finding their personal union of light(mer), spirit(ka), and body(ba). 

The Merkaba reflects a multidimensional approach to human nature, the environment, and Reality.We believe that God is the creator of everything that exists, and invites us to make the most of each day through passion & presence; The merkaba is a symbol of the transformation; honoring the wisdom & grace that comes with prayer & practice as we share this journey on this dancefloor called life.  we use it as a guide for our yoga, sound, reiki, and other healing practices.

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