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BeyondBlessed was created with the intention to offer fun & creative ways to explore the overlapping connection between the mind, body & spirit through the practice of yoga & intuitive healing arts.

BeyondBlessed offers a variety of services and products to empower & uplift you, including vinyasa style yoga classes, private sessions, workshops & more! 

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Brittney has enjoyed the ever-evolving practice of yoga, and enjoys discovering and teaching the overlapping connection between human anatomy, astrology & asanas. Brittney is excited to help others discover their love for yoga and self- care both on & off the mat. She has over a decade of experience working with yoga and fitness clients on a group & 1:1 basis, including managing fitness gyms, hosting workshops and a variety of fitness, mindfulness meditation and yoga classes. Brittney's classes offer a workout with a meditative twist; infused with binaural beats, essential oils & crystals, each session is aimed to energize, uplift the mind, body & soul through poses that support you along your journey. Brittney offers vinyasa-style classes, sessions & workshops that demonstrate the connection between breath & body movements, guiding you through transformative yoga sequences designed to combine mind, body & spirit, helping transform tension in the body, into energy  moving freely through the aura. Over a decade of experience, working with a wide range of clientele, helping others recover from injuries & surgeries, from high school seniors to silver sneakers members, to corporate offices to pop ups, her classes are tailored to bring the best out in every one. 

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